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who we service

Our innovation consulting clients include Fortune 500 companies and world­class brands in categories such as apparel, textiles, fashion, automotive, media, retail, beauty, personal care, toys and other consumer products. Within these companies, we work with strategists, creatives, scientists, marketers, researchers, brand managers and more.

key services

  • Innovation Consulting
  • Early Trend Forecasting 
  • Culture-to-product Trend Alignment
  • Collection Planning Consulting
  • Design Direction
  • Innovation + Creativity Boosting Workshops

what we believe

We believe in the art and science of creativity. We understand that our clients must be part innovator and part analyst in order to succeed in today’s competitive marketplace. We know that true innovation comes from taking risks, charting your own path, going with your gut and creative instincts. Innovation must be rooted in an understanding of the world and where it’s going to really succeed. We believe in tracking and analyzing the marketplace to inform and inspire innovation – from cultural movements and demographic changes to societal shifts and sales patterns.

We design our consulting services to inspire new thinking and serve what we call “the Modern Creative.” Modern Creatives, whether they’re designers or marketers or strategic planners, need to make bold choices and push innovation forward while tracking and analyzing a wide range of influencing data. Our focus is to bring the best reporting, resources and counsel to those individuals.

how we work

Our consulting teams partner with clients to give them the tools, access and advice they need to innovate and successfully act on global trends and cultural shifts. We see a broad view of trends across the marketplace and marry that with a deep understanding of clients’ business and brand values.

Our roots are in product development; one of our founders is a former designer/merchandiser and our team is made up of experienced designers, marketers and industry experts. We understand how the creative process works and through our consulting services we bring clients a valuable outside perspective that inspires innovation grounded in the clients’ brand values and today’s evolving world.

what makes us different

We offer a hands-on approach
We go deeper. We provide real answers and actionable steps rather than a fancy presentation that no one understands or knows what to do with.

We work in collaboration with our clients
We are clear that success in any project only happens if both sides bring their expertise.

We are your extended team
We don’t hand over a 100-page recommendation document and wish you luck; We stay along for the ride and serve as your extended global trend team.

We know where we thrive
We take on the projects we know we can do well. Based on your needs, we carve out a team that will serve you best.

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