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We are a global trend forecasting agency.

We service brands, retailers, and manufacturers in fashion, accessories, home decor, beauty, media, marketing and other consumer facing industries, empowering them to act on future trends.

FS at a glance

  • 20

    20 years of successful forecasting

  • 15

    HQ in New York +
    global representation in
    15 countries

  • 50

    Thousands of
    members in 50

  • 150

    150 editors and
    global contributors

  • 9

    Analysis of 9 key
    creative markets

We research macro trends and cultural shifts.

We look wider, start earlier, and track continuously to spot and track the shifts that will shape consumer decisions.

We connect the dots from culture to product.

By providing a clear understanding of why a trend will be important, we inform actual product direction from start to finish. We bring transparency to trend forecasting by allowing you full visibility into our conclusion making process.

We deliver clear and actionable trend forecasts.

Facing information overload, today's creatives are looking for more than open-ended options. We give you real recommendations with enough options, data, and analysis to evaluate.

We offer a personalized experience.

With personalized notes from our editors, we supplement reports with detailed insights and analysis from industry experts.

Behind the scenes

Meet the team of forward thinkers and creative minds behind FS.

What sets us apart:

How lifestyle impacts the creative process:

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