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Embraced by leading academic institutes worldwide, Fashion Snoops allows students and faculty continuous, updated, direct access to our commercial Creative Platform. The platform enables universities to teach various disciplines of design, marketing and trend forecasting, allowing them to apply their problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

deliverable + benefits

Trend Forecasting EDU Program

  • The fully commercial version of our site without any limitations or time delays
  • Support of IP-based authentication allowing an unlimited numbers of users to log-on simultaneously to the site without the need to administer or change user IDs
  • Remote access through campus proxy servers 
  • A Scrapbook system enabling each student and faculty members to extract images from the site and develop their own collections separately from other users - This area is self-administered and each student is free to set their personal ID to enter their area
  • Training sessions and technical support during business hours
  • Periodic usage tracking reports 
  • Promotional materials to raise awareness for internships at our NYC headquarters office

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